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Rewriting the Rules of the Economy
State of the Union Clip: Don't Ask Don't Tell
Monday, February 01 2010

Tags: democracy | obama | president | state of union

Real time reactions from 50 voters as President Obama speaks about Don't Ask Don't Tell in his State of the Union address. 

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Obama's Speech Resonates with Swing Voters
Thursday, January 28 2010

Tags: democracy corps | economy project | obama | SOTU | swing voters

Download this file (FormatedDialResultsSpreadsheet012710-Post-Speech.pdf)Scoresheet[ ]55 Kb63 Downloads
Download this file (SOTU2010-dials.pdf)Memo[ ]51 Kb8 Downloads

In his first State of the Union address tonight, Barack Obama demonstrated a clear understanding of the problems facing the country and outlined a path forward that swing voters want to see their members of Congress follow. Especially in his understanding of the economic challenges we face, his aggressive stance on financial reform and bringing accountability to Wall Street, and his commitment to fighting for solutions to the country's problems, the president dispelled many doubts that had clouded attitudes toward him and rallied swing voters to his agenda for change. The challenge remains whether he can convince a visibly recalcitrant and divided Congress to act.

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