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Democracy Corps

A mainstay in Democratic polling efforts for over 20 years.

We provide the information to help people reclaim their democratic government.

National Surveys

National surveys at Democracy Corps cover a range of topics for both Presidential and Senate races. We provide industry-leading polling data that provides deep insight into the voting trends across the nation.

Battleground Surveys

Battleground surveys at Democracy Corps examine our ever-evolving subset of the most competitive states. We provide industry-leading polling data that provides deep insight into voting trends to see which states will determine the presidency and the senate.

Recent Posts

You can check out some of our most recent posts below. Our national polls are released quarterly and other reports are published more frequently.

Focus Group Reports

Focus Group Reports at Democracy Corps consist of round table discussions with a moderator to allow certain segments of the electorate to respond to topics in real-time. These focus groups allow us to better provide context to our surveys.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to making the government of the United States of America more responsive to the American people through accurate and insightful polling and effective outreach to protect democracy.

What We Do

Democracy Corps provides free, public opinion research and strategic advice to those dedicated to a more responsive Congress and Presidency.


Democracy Corps was founded on and continues to lead with an unwavering commitment to transparency.


We have pioneered polling research techniques and stand behind our methodological rigor.