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Recent Research

Unlock Insights, Shape Tomorrow: Access our latest national and battleground survey results, dial meter tests, and focus group findings for a comprehensive view of current trends and opinions.

National Surveys

At Democracy Corps, our national surveys comprehensively explore a spectrum of subjects, encompassing both Presidential and Senate races. Our cutting-edge polling data offers unparalleled insights into the nation’s voting trends, setting industry standards.

Battleground Surveys

At Democracy Corps, our Battleground surveys meticulously analyze the dynamic landscape of fiercely contested states. Our cutting-edge polling data offers profound insights into evolving voting patterns, crucial for identifying the pivotal states shaping the presidency and the senate.

Focus Group Reports

At Democracy Corps, our Focus Group Reports involve interactive round table discussions led by a skilled moderator, enabling specific segments of the electorate to engage in real-time discussions on various topics. These invaluable sessions enhance the context of our surveys, enriching our understanding of public perspectives.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to making the government of the United States of America more responsive to the American people through accurate and insightful polling and effective outreach to protect democracy.

What We Do

Democracy Corps provides free, public opinion research and strategic advice to those dedicated to a more responsive Congress and Presidency.


At Democracy Corps, our foundation and leadership rest on an uncompromising dedication to transparency.


Leading the way in innovative polling methods with unwavering methodical precision.