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Battleground surveys at Democracy Corps focus on the most competitive states across the nation. We provide deep insight into the voting trends of those states that will determine the presidency and the senate.

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President Biden Makes Gains in an Election He Can Win

President Biden Makes Gains in an Election He Can Win

A Report on a post-State of the Union Battleground Poll Joe Biden can win re-election. In November, Democracy Corps showed the same difficult race as the public polls. I expected and wrote that the race would get more difficult because of continued inflation, the...

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The Child Tax Credit Breakthrough

New poll in 2022 Senate and House battleground Key Findings: •The Child Tax Credit gets a very warm reception from those receiving it. It is...

Moving reluctant voters to choose Biden

America is at a decision point — as are so many voters who will decide the scale of President Trump’s potential repudiation. Biden’s VP...

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