The Child Tax Credit Breakthrough

New poll in 2022 Senate and House battleground

Key Findings:

•The Child Tax Credit gets a very warm reception from those receiving it. It is received very positively by Blacks, Hispanics and Asian Americans, Millennials and unmarried women in the Democratic base, but also parents, especially white parents, and younger white working class voters. That disrupts the usual pattern of support for the modern safety net.

•When described as a tax cut for every working family to deal with high costs and taxes (and attacked because of deficits, dependency and discouraging work), support for the Child Tax Credit grows in the Democratic base but much more in the white working class groups: younger white working class, white parents, the white disabled and former Democrats.

•When we add “new welfare queens” to the attacks, the GOP wins this debate by 3 points, but that is much weaker than their attacks on defunding the police and crime. And critically, white parents and younger white working class voters still sticks with the expanded Child Tax Credit.

•While the strongest attacks on Republicans are on McConnell’s gridlock and cutting taxes for corporations while half the country live paycheck to paycheck, that is not true for winnable voters and white parents. For the former, it is repealing the Child Tax Credit and putting 6 million in poverty; for white parents it is repealing the CTC and raising taxes on virtually every working family.

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