Moving reluctant voters to choose Biden

America is at a decision point — as are so many voters who will decide the scale of President Trump’s potential repudiation. Biden’s VP selection, the DNC, the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the rushed Supreme Court nomination have super consolidated and energized Democrats and their Rising American Electorate base. That clarifies the targets in the coming month: they all voted for Donald Trump who led a Tea Party-dominated Republican Party or joined the white working-class revolt against the elites and establishment in 2016. Unpacking the complicated mix of emotions, values, psychology, identity, and beliefs is key to getting them to abandon Trump and decide to vote for Joe Biden — if not Biden, then vote third party or abstain from voting.   

This final report is based on waves of qualitative and quantitative research over the past three months that we conducted for Democracy Corps, CVI/VPC, and the AFT. It shows what it takes to get these voters to make this fateful choice.

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