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Battleground surveys at Democracy Corps focus on the most competitive states across the nation. We provide deep insight into the voting trends of those states that will determine the presidency and the senate.

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Election Day Poll: What just happened, and what does it mean?

Election Day Poll: What just happened, and what does it mean?

President Elect Joe Biden will win the popular vote by perhaps 5 points and the Electoral College with 306 votes. He did it by reinforcing the Democratic trends in the new diverse states and country, winning Arizona and Georgia by razor thin margins. He did it by...

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Louisiana Attacks

Democracy Corps' recent poll of white persuadable voters in Louisiana shows that it is possible to shift white voters late in the race and in...

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Battling big money in the Senate battleground with real consequences for 2014 A new poll of the 12 states where control of the Senate is being...

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