June debate dial meter show Democrats even more engaged

On behalf of the American Federation of Teachers, the Voter Participation Center, and Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund, Democracy Corps conducted live dial-meter testing of the June 26th and 27th Democratic Presidential Debates among the Rising American Electorate (African Americans, Latinos, white unmarried women, and white millennials), white working class women and men, and white college women.

The level of engagement is high across all groups and grows when they watch the debate. Voters, including those in our dial meter groups both nights, watched the debates with an extraordinary high level of political engagement, measured by the percent who say they are “almost certain to vote” in the 2020 election. African Americans, Latinos, white millennials, and white working class are near 100 percent on vote certainty. The percent saying they plan to vote in the Democratic primary or caucus in their state grew after each debate night among the RAE women and white working class women, and particularly among white unmarried women, millennials, and African American women—who were at 81 percent to start.



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