Understanding Trump’s Divided GOP

Trump’s Republican Party is very political and engaged — across all factions. They are mostly “worried,” and the hot topics in their families are out-of-control prices, border and immigration, the cost of the Ukraine War, and woke policies being forced on their children. They were animated on the topic of gender fluidity, in particular.

Trump dominates his party. His loyalists comprise 63 percent of the party (48 percent Trump loyalists and 13 percent Evangelical Trump loyalists. But the 37 percent do not approve of Trump, and the fault lines emerge in the groups. 

The two groups forming the Trump loyalists see Biden, liberals and open borders as the biggest threat to the nation. They are increasingly skeptical on environmentalists, EVs, and acting to address climate change. They see the U.S. Constitution as hanging by thread and worry if Democrats win the next election, it is a great threat to the nation’s future.

The “Deep State” gets some traction with his loyalist base, but they did not jump on it when Trump said he would clean out the bureaucrats when he is elected. Also, the discussion of federal employees went to too many and lazy, not pursuing their own agenda.  

January 6th is big divide in the Republican Party.  The Trump loyalists — 48 percent of the party — identified with the attack when they watched. The Evangelical Trump loyalists were offended by it — violating some sense of order and responsibility. The moderate Republicans and Cheney conservatives opposed or did not identify with those attacking the capitol. And the insurrectionists in the Senate chamber put off all of them.

The videos and discussion consolidate the Trump loyalists, though the Evangelicals urged him to stop tweeting. Almost half of the moderates and a third of the Cheney conservatives vote for a Democrat, an independent, or are undecided on the vote for Senate or House. (They watched videos of all the candidates.)

To get a feel for the party dynamics and how much the pro- and anti-Trump assessments play out in 2024, read their emails to President Trump.

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