The Democratic Strategist on Democracy Corps’ Innovative Polling

A new pair of articles by The Democratic Strategist highlights Democracy Corps’ cutting edge and deeply innovative research and methodology. Andrew Levison of the Democratic Strategist reports: 

Every serious observer and participant in the formulation of Democratic political strategy is familiar with the work of Democracy Corps – the polling and strategy organization founded by Stan Greenberg and James Carville. Democracy Corps is unique in making all its polling research public and providing a perspective that is firmly partisan and progressive but insistently objective in its data collection and interpretation…. 

Levison writes:

The organization that has taken the most systematic and innovative steps…is Stan Greenberg’s Democracy Corps, a project run by the international polling firm Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosner. Democracy Corps periodic Strategy Memos are frequently quoted in the media and often play an important role in debates within the Democratic coalition but what is not equally well recognized is the increasing methodological sophistication the group has employed in recent years to go beyond conventional polling in the investigation of political attitudes. Democracy Corps…seeks to measure public attitudes accurately and does not shy away from publishing data that reflects unfavorably on the Dems. The purpose of their research is not to produce politically useful headlines but rather to use the data they collect to guide the comparison and testing of alternative political messages in order to find the ones that most effectively promote a Democratic perspective.  

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