Sunday Night Message: Closing the Campaign

It is still critical to be on the offensive getting soft Republican and anti-systemic voters to break for Joe, votes to break for Biden or not go cast that vote for Biden. These weekend recommendations are based on the dial meter and pre-post survey we conducted for the AFT and the focus groups we conducted for Democracy Corps with moderate Republicans, GOP defectors (17 percent of voters), dual haters who dislike both candidates (7 percent), and white working class women (24 percent). They will still have a very big say on whether we get to a blue wave on November 3rd

Here are key recommendations in the final 10 days.

• Focusing on plans to attack coronavirus and Trump’s overclaims
• Close with class, working class bio contrast
• Release detailed health care plans
• Explain both parties rigged the system against working class
• Make improving things for the middle class the principal offer

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