White Working Class Voters Turned off by Trump?

President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., Thursday, March 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

President Donald Trump has dramatically escalated his attack on immigrants, the squad of female Congresswomen of color, two Muslim, calling on them to go back and clean up the failed countries they came from, and warning of the “socialist nightmare” they support. For a moment, he paused after the crowd at his rally in NC chanted, “send her back.” But then, he reaffirmed their patriotism. 

But when we asked White Working Class Republicans and Independents who had voted for Trump in 2016, they told us a different story. Just exposing them to Trump’s divisive rhetoric, even without a Democratic response, made them start to reconsider their support for him and whether they’d vote for Trump again in 2020. 


Check out the Transcripts:

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Bangor Women Focus Group

Las Vegas Men Focus Group

Las Vegas Women Focus Group

Oak Creek Men Focus Group

Oak Creek Women Focus Group

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