Women in the Rising American Electorate are immediate registration targets

In light of the historic 2018 turnout and even higher interest in the 2020 election found in Democracy Corps’ first survey of 2019, we were tasked by WVWVAF to conduct focus groups with unregistered and low propensity voters among the Rising American Electorate to confirm and inform their choice to begin registration programs at this early point.

These groups resoundingly confirm that choice. The women in the RAE – African American women, white unmarried women, and white millennial women – were already highly politically engaged, clear about why they need to register and vote now, and encouraged that change is possible after over 100 women were elected to Congress. They reacted strongly against Trump and his tweets, particularly to his divisive language and overreaching claims that this is the “greatest economy.”

Indeed, this is a unique situation where every time Trump tweets to argue his case, he motivates backlash with our targets, justifying the early start for registration programs.

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