The Democratic Wave is Now Apparent

On behalf of Women’s Voices, Women Vote Action FundDemocracy Corps has conducted an ‘Election Night’ survey of 1,250 registered and 2018 voters nationally, including of 900 voters in 15 battleground states in 2018 and 2020. This post-election study shows that Democrats were able to create a powerful brew that produced major gains in the House and states, despite apportioned districts rigged to be unassailable and election laws engineered to suppress minority votes. It was powered by shifts in vote and turnout among women and the diverse Rising American Electorate. Outside of the RAE, the Democrats may have permanently changed their base and the voters open to them, particularly when Donald Trump leads an anti-immigrant Republican Party. In the face of his divisive campaign, parts of rural and working class America peeled off. The Democratic wave exposed President Trump’s vulnerability and suggests a less polarized country. Democrats still need to run stronger in the rural areas that President Trump won in a landslide and with the working class men and women at the core of his base, but that task is for another day. 


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