The Politics of National Security: A Wake-up Call

A new Democracy Corps-Third Way survey provides a wake-up call for President Obama, his party, and progressives on national security. This is the first of what will be a series of jointly conducted, in-depth analyses by Democracy Corps and Third Way of the public’s views on national security, and the results are sobering.

Although the public continues to give the president strong ratings on a range of national security issues – indeed, above his overall approval rating – there is evidence of rising public concern about the president’s handing of these issues.  Historical doubts about the Democratic Party on national security show signs of reviving and many voters worry the president and his administration are not dealing forcefully enough with terrorist suspects.  Additionally, the troubled economy is driving down public perceptions of America’s strength and standing in the world.  The survey also points to several specific ways that the president and his progressive supporters can strengthen public support for their handling of national security issues.

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