The Rising American Electorate & White Working Class Strike Back

The Democrats had a very big election on Tuesday, with a 7-point national congressional margin that allowed them to pick up 35 House seats, to elect a record-breaking 100 women to the House, and to flip six statehouses and seven governors’ mansions. Democrats now occupy nearly half of the 50 governors’ mansions, including winning all of the races in the Blue Wall states that allowed Donald Trump to win the Electoral College. In winning control of the House, Democrats shifted the congressional margin 10 points on average from 2016 and 21 points in the seats that flipped to the Democrats and pushed turnout to a stunning 48.1 percent and growing, compared to just 36.7 in 2014. 

In order to understand the shifts that changed the landscape and balance of power in the country, Democracy Corps has conducted an ‘Election Night’ survey of 1,250 registered voters and 2018 voters nationally, including 900 voters in 15 battleground states in 2018 and 2020, on behalf of Women’s Voices.Women Vote Action Fund. This report lays out the six key elements that came together to produce major gains for Democrats, despite apportioned districts rigged to be unassailable and election laws engineered to suppress minority votes.



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