Battling to a Democratic Win in 2022

Democrats face the most daunting internal problems and headwinds getting to a winning margin in the 2022 midterms, yet this angry and Republican-leaning electorate gives them a 2-point margin in the vote.

Democracy Corps conducted a national web survey among 2,500 registered voters from July 8-16, 2022. The data includes a base sample of 1,000 registered voters, with large over samples of 500 Black voters, 500 Hispanic voters, and 500 AAPI voters. The over sample data are statistically weighted to ensure the sample’s regional, age, and gender composition reflects that of the estimated registered voters in the United States.

This survey shows that the Republican attacks on Democrats, on Biden on inflation, and on crime and the border are very tough, eroding the Democratic vote. But the split sample contesting the cost of living holds the vote. Democrats gain 2 points in the sample dealing with guns. And making abortion illegal hurts further.

To succeed in the 2022 election, Democrats have to contest the most critical issue – the cost of living. This survey shows Democrats can contest and win on the cost of living, even though Democrats trail by 14 points on the issue. That requires saying, you’ve had no real pay increase in decades. That will require battling big corporations with no competition increasing their prices, profits, and enriching CEOs and using their power to pay no tax. Democrats fight back on price gouging, taxing billionaires, and stopping secret money.

To see more of our key findings, and data from this survey, please view the graphs below.

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