Finding their Voice as Agents of Change


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Voters are determined to vote for change and they want leaders who will work for the middle class, putting the interests of the public and country first, after the Bush years when leaders did not see the average person, when greed of executives and the self-interest of politicians determined our unfortunate course. That is the framework for Democrats to articulate their critique and progressive vision. The country wants to vote for change.

The latest wave of Democracy Corps and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner research reveals a public that is angrier with the state of the country than we have ever witnessed. While this current period is one of voters’ contempt and frustration with the leadership of the country and our times, the biggest challenge and opportunity one year out from the 2008 election is whether the Democrats will become the voice of change In their latest strategy memo, Stan Greenberg, James Carville, and Al Quinlan take a comprehensive look at the new Democracy Corps national survey as well as focus groups conducted across the country during the past few months. This memo highlights how Republicans continue to make their situation worse and provides a framework for Democrats to articulate their critique and progressive vision.

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