The child tax credit’s disruptive changes

The Child Tax Credit is new and being noticed and disrupting usual patterns of support.

Support has quickly become evident among the younger populations, parents and the working class (those without a four-year degree). It gets less support with older populations and the college-educated.

The Child Tax Credit is intensely popular with the Democrats’ base of Blacks, unmarried women, Gen Z and millennials, with the potential to impact voter turnout.

But the Child Tax Credit is equally popular with intense support among white working class voters under 50 years of age (20 percent of the electorate), white working class women, and white parents.

Even when the CTC is framed in debate as a handout that leads people to turn down work with a lot of fraud costing taxpayers billions, it holds or gains support with under 50 white working class voters and parents.

That a quarter of Trump supporters support it after attack indicates real potential to erode the Republican base.

For the first time, the Child Tax Credit has emerged as part of the Biden and Democratic policy agenda, along with health care, taxing corporations, and helping workers.

The threat of Republicans repealing it and increasing poverty and raising taxes has become the strongest attack with Black voters, but also key white working voters

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